APRIL 1918

William Luke and Henry Buss, both of Tonbridge, were summoned for using vehicles on the highway without having lamps attached at Capel on March 1. The court heard both defendants had no lampshade at 8.30 in the evening. They were each fined 5s (about £10 today).


APRIL 1928

For Sale: Four good cart-horses, five and six-years-old; sound and good workers; inspection invited. A. Burton, Badsell Manor Farm. Five Oak Green. Telephone No. Paddock Wood 16.


APRIL 1938

The death of Mr. Stephen Wells, aged 83, will recall for many the wedding 25 years ago when as the result of a wager Mr. Wells and his bride were taken to church in a decorated farm cart. It was their second marriage. Mr. Wells lived in the parish all his life and passed away last week at "Brookland," Five Oak Green.


APRIL 1948

Fooball: Ramblers 'A' 0 Capel 1. A fine display of goalkeeplng by O.Tuny prevented the home side from registering a single goal. T. Jenner scored for Capel during the first half and they held on to their slender lead until the final whistle. The Capel forward line played well but the shooting was not particularly accurate.


MARCH 1918

Tricycle wanted: Pneumatic, low frame; must be perfect -- and cheap. Queens Head, Five Oak Green.


MARCH 1928

Wanted from April 5 by missionary on furlough: Young holiday governess, gentlewoman. Light house-duties, maid kept. Apply to Mrs. Walton.The Lodge, Capel Grange.


MARCH 1938

The annual meeting of Capel Cricket Club was held in the Institute in Five Oak Green. Mr. C. G. Pemble presided and Mr. C. J. Edwards presented the balance sheet which showed a surplus of £6 19s 2d compared with £9 9s 1d the previous year.


MARCH 1948

A dance organised by the Five Oak Green Women's and Girls' Club was held at the Goldsmld Hall where Mr. A. E Ward provided music gramophone records. Mr. H. Firmore was Master of Ceremonies.



The Vicar of Tudeley, the Rev. G.L. Lachlan, his wife and family have been relieved to receive a letter from Germany from their second son, Hugh Robert. He had been officially reported as missing after action on November 30 but has survived shoulder and leg wounds, though he is a prisoner.



A meeting of the Tudeley and Capel Women's Institute was held in the Bridge Hall, Five Oak Green, where Mrs. W. Tolhurst presided. A demonstration on upholstery was given by Miss Harker.



Capel Hospital Committee heard that the number of members in the Pay Day Fund had risen in 1937 to 278 in Five Oak Green and 190 in Tudeley with £111 and £76 paid in respectively.



Before a mixed audience, Capel Gardeners' Society showed a film entitled "Garden Pests and Tomato Growing."



A very successful entertainment in aid of blind soldiers was given by children attending Tudeley Sunday School.The performance in Goldsmid Hall concluded with the sketch "Mrs Mulligatawny's Spring Cleaning."



Capel scored a huge 9-0 away victory over Hungershall. Although beaten so often, the home custodian nevertheless put up an excellent show saving numerous shots from all angles. The successful Capel marksmen were E. Montandon (3), J. Simmons. F. Powley, P. Cox. R. Powley. J. Avis and W. Hope.



In the early hours of Thursday morning burglars entered Tully's stores in Five Oak Green and removed a quantity of sugar, sweets, clothing etc.



The Saturday bus service from Paddock Wood to Tonbridge came under fire at Capel Parish Council with locals from Five Oak Green and Tudeley complaining they were regularly left standing in the road with no hope of getting on the already full-up service.